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Before the finish of this exercise, you ought to have the capacity to:

  • Utilize delete and erase
  • Utilize fix and rehash

Backspace and Delete

  • Utilize the Backspace and Delete keys (on your console) to eradicate message in your record.
  • The Backspace key eradicates the content to one side of the addition point one character at any given moment.
  • The Delete key (situated under the Insert key) eradicates content to one side of the inclusion point.

Utilizing Undo

Have you at any point committed an error in your report and expected to return and roll out improvements, yet you thought it was past the point of no return? Uplifting news! Word offers an element that keeps this from happening.

The Undo charge gives you a chance to fix, or erase, the last change made to your record. As you can envision, this is an extremely helpful component. In the event that you commit a change or error you don’t need or did not intend to do, you can essentially “fix” your activity.

To utilize Undo:

  • Snap Edit on the menu bar.
  • Select Undo. This charge will change names contingent upon the move you simply made. On the off chance that you coincidentally erased a sentence, it will state Undo Clear.
  • Press Ctrl+Z on your console for an easy route to Undo.

Or on the other hand

  • Fix the greater part of your ongoing activities by over and again tapping the Undo catch situated on the Standard toolbar.

Undo Button

  • Notice the little rundown bolt alongside the Undo catch. When you tap on it, you’ll see a rundown of all the different activities you have performed on the report you are taking a shot at. You can choose the same number of activities as you need to fix.

Essential: If you fix an activity amidst the rundown, you will likewise fix every one of the activities over the one you select. For instance, on the off chance that you fix the fifteenth activity in your rundown, you will likewise be fixing the 14 activities that preceded the one you select.

Undo List

Utilizing Repeat

  • The Repeat highlight enables you to rehash the last activity and can spare a great deal of time as you make your record.

To utilize Repeat:

  • Snap Edit on the menu bar.
  • Select Repeat. This order will change names contingent upon the move you simply made. On the off chance that you have to arrange a title on one page and wish to organize another title a similar way utilizing Repeat, it will state Repeat Style.
  • Press Ctrl+Y on your console for an alternate way to Repeat.

Repeat Typing Command

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