How To Create Photo Albums In Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

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                           Making a photograph collection

PowerPoint enables you to import an arrangement of pictures into a photograph collection introduction. With the photograph collection highlight you can choose, revamp, alter, and add content to your photos. As a matter of course, one picture will show up on each slide, yet you can alter the slide design to incorporate various pictures in the event that you need.

                       To make a photograph collection:

1.  Select the Insert tab.

2. Tap the Photo Album summon in the Images gathering, at that point select New Photo Album.Inserting New Photo Album

3. The Photo Album discourse box shows up. Find and tap on the File/Disk button.

Accessing images in files

4. To choose all pictures in your organizer.

  • Tap  the principal picture, at that point press and hold the Shift key and select the last picture.
  • To choose different nonadjacent pictures, press and hold the Control key while tapping the coveted pictures.

Selecting pictures from files

5. The Photo Album discourse box gives a few alternatives to moving, modifying, and changing the format of pictures. Alter as required, at that point click Create to embed pictures into the photograph collection.

Creating Photo Album

6. A different introduction will be made for the photograph collection. Of course, it will incorporate a cover sheet and one picture for each slide.

Photo Album results

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